How to Boost Your Confidence in the Kitchen

Cooking should be fun! And, part of making a good meal, is having the confidence in yourself and your own abilities to do so. Boosting your confidence in the kitchen is easy. So, if you feel like you’re in need of a little kitchen confidence, follow these easy tips to do so.


  • Try cooking without using recipes.

Ok, so this one might sound weird. If you are just starting to cook, you might feel more comfortable using a recipe right? Well, that is certainly ok…for the first time. However, if you want to boost your confidence in the kitchen, next time you make a dish, try making it without using a recipe.

  • Use tools that work for you.

Make it easy on yourself! Use the necessary kitchen tools to make prepping and cooking as easy as possible on yourself. You don’t have to use the same tools that other cooks use. If you find that a whisk works better than a spoon then use that! Afterall, this is your food creation! Once you get comfortable using a specific tool, then move on to something else for your next recipe. 

  • Learn proper cutting techniques.

When it comes to using knives, knowing how to properly handle them is the most important. Most feelings of confidence just come from knowing what you’re doing. So, educate yourself on proper knife techniques. And, a simple rule of thumb is to always work with sharp knives! Using a dull knife can actually put you at more of a risk of cutting yourself. This is because a sharp knife typically easily glides right through whatever is being cut.

  • Educate yourself.

Speaking of educating yourself, educate yourself on basic cooking knowledge such as: internal temperatures, which knives to use, oven temperatures, how to make basic sauces, baking chemistry, etc.

  • Start with what you know.

If you are better at cooking, then cook. If you are more confident with baking, then start with that! There truly are no rules to this one. 

  • Make the same recipes over and over.

Repetition only helps you get better and better! You might even discover a dish you are really good at cooking. And, it could quite possibly become your signature dish. 

  • Make time for prep. 

Measure and lay out your ingredients before even beginning the cooking process. That way, you won’t have to go searching for ingredients while cooking. You will be able to concentrate on the cooking process, be less flustered and run less of a risk of overcooking or overmixing (when baking) anything. Always keep salt, pepper and extra spices handy so you can add more to your dish if need be. 

  • Time yourself:

Now, if you are someone who likes a challenge, then timing yourself while making meals can be fun. Try to get faster each time you cook. Always be sure to adhere to proper cook times for food safety. Something you can get away with cooking for a shorter time is soup. A soup recipe might say it takes 45 minutes to simmer, but you can get away with 30 or so considering any meats involved are cooked to the proper temperature. 

  • Keep your kitchen clean and clean as you go:

Clean regularly. Organize your tools so you know where exactly to find them. Keep surfaces as clutter free as possible to make room for any prep work or large appliances. 


Hopefully these tips helped to get you started on feeling more confident in the kitchen. What is your favorite way to feel confident in the kitchen? Were there any points not listed that you use to boost your kitchen confidence?