Homemade Churned Butter

Dish Description
It does not get any easier or more delicious than this. Make your own creamy delicious butter. Only 3 ingredients!
  • 4 quarts heavy cream
  • Ice water, to “wash” the butter
  • Salt

  • Have the cream close to room temperature.
  • Pour into an 8-quart glass churn and turn the paddle. Do not turn it too quickly.
  • Eventually, small bits of butter will begin to form and float in the cream. Soon after that, a large glob will form and all that will be left is the buttermilk.
  • Pour off the buttermilk and pour in some ice-cold water and to wash the butter.
  • Pour out the water. Season with salt, to taste. Store in a re-sealable container in the refrigerator.