What to Eat and Drink for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for our health.  Surely, most of us want a good night’s sleep. The best way to achieve a good night’s sleep is to take care of our bodies throughout the day and before bed. Before bedtime, if we are going to indulge in a snack, it is crucial to put the right foods in our bodies to aid in a better night’s rest. 

I am sure most of us would love to have a snack of some sort before bed. Going to sleep on an empty stomach is no fun. And truth be told, it is not very good for our bodies to do so. This is because going to bed on an empty stomach can cause our blood sugar to drop and in turn cause our bodies to not rest well. Some foods and drinks that are quite alright to indulge in before bed are: 

1. Almonds 

Almonds are a great source of melatonin (A hormone in the body that plays a pivotal role in sleep) and magnesium. They both can regulate blood sugar and boost metabolism. Have you ever noticed that you felt tired or even the slightest bit sleepy after enjoying some almonds? Well, the melatonin that they contain could be the reason why! 

2. Salmon

Salmon contains a lot of vitamin D and it has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation. Both the vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids working together can increase the production of serotonin and in turn aid in better sleep. 

3. Turkey

Turkey is a good protein to enjoy at night. Turkey contains an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan yields an increase in the production of melatonin. Eating turkey before bed can cause our bodies to feel more tired and as a result, aid in a better night’s rest. 

4. Cherries

Cherries are a wonderful nighttime snack! They are high in melatonin. They provide magnesium and are a great source of potassium. Like chamomile tea, cherries also have a lot of antioxidants. Having cherries before bed might just improve your sleep quality. 

5. Walnuts

These brain-shaped nuts are hearty and contain many nutrients. They are known to be the top nut for brain health. They are rich in magnesium and phosphorus.

6. Chamomile Tea

This herbal tea has many health benefits. It has a multitude of antioxidants. Some of these antioxidants may reduce insomnia and promote sleepiness. So, just know that if you incorporate chamomile tea into your nightly routine, you can greatly improve your sleep. 

7. Oatmeal

Finally, oatmeal is great for a good night’s sleep. Oats are also a wonderful source of melatonin. Not only does it warm your tummy, but it has been said to increase drowsiness when eaten before bed. 

These foods can be combined to make something filling and delicious. How about having a warm bowl of oatmeal with some cherries and walnuts? That sounds like a big bowl of sleep, doesn’t it? How does almond crusted salmon sound? Oh! And, don’t forget the chamomile tea! With all of these combined, you will sleep like a baby. Enjoy your restful night’s sleep!